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Services Offered and Fees

"Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code"
Option One


Pursuant to CPRC Chapter 154.023 –Breach of Contract, Business, Construction, Employment Law, Family Law, Malpractice, Oil and Gas, Personal Injury and Property/Real Estate.

Half-Day or Full-Day. Parties wishing to settle their dispute with the help of an experienced former judge acting as a neutral third party.


  • $750 per side for a Half-Day (4 hours) 
  • $1,350 per side for a Full-Day (8 hours)
  • Mediations that extend beyond 8.5 hrs will be billed an additional $400/hour (split by the parties)
Option two


Pursuant to CPRC Chapter 154.027 – The parties can contractually agree to binding arbitration to resolve their dispute. No court reporter is necessary. Only limited appeal is available. 


  • Fee – $400 per hour (split by the parties)
option three

Trial By Special Judge

Pursuant to CPRC Chapter 151 – When the parties need a trial but do not want to wait or deal with uncertainty. 

  • Special Judge’s Fee – $400 per hour (split by the parties). 
  • Court reporter required and must be paid for by the parties
  • All of the same rules apply as would apply to a bench trial before a sitting judge
  • The special judge issues a verdict that complies with requirements for verdicts by sitting judges
  • Verdicts can be appealed, same as if heard by a sitting judge (CPRC 151.013)
option four


Pursuant to CPRC 154.024 – When the parties just need to hear what an experienced former judge would say in order to be able to come to an agreement.

  • Parties agree to have their dispute presented to an impartial third party
  • The impartial third party can help to define the issues and develop a basis for realistic settlement negotiations
  • An advisory opinion if requested by the parties will be issued by the impartial third party regarding the merits of the case
  • The opinion is not binding unless the parties agree that it is binding and enter into a written settlement agreement. 
  • No court reporter required


  • $750 per side for a Half-Day (4 hours)
  • $1,350 per side for a Full-Day (8 hours)

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